Beautiful Giving Part 2

20 May 2012


Love is beautiful. Ingredients he works in the vast spaces of life. And core work is given. Provide whatever is needed by the people we love to grow into more and happier because of it. The true lover knows only one great work in their lives: Giving. Continue to provide. And forever. Accept? May or may be sure! But that effect. Only the effect. Effects of what they provide. Like a mirror that reflects the virtues of the same virtues. For, is the essence in nature always invite you to do the other virtues as well. That is also what distinguishes the true lover with false lovers. If you love someone sincerely, the size of the sincerity and authenticity are what you love beikan him to make his life better. Then you are water. Then you are the sun. He grew and developed from your water spray. He is big and the fruit of your light beam. True lovers do not like to promise. But once they decide to love someone, they immediately made plans to give. After that they worked in silence and quiet to realize their plans. Each plan provides one realized, every single seed that blossomed in the heart of love arise loved ones. Publishes promise of hope. But giving birth trust. Not only that. Plans continue to be realized given that creates dependency. As the tree depends on the spray of water and sunlight. Dependence was productive. Dependence of the turn. In line of this nature, love is a story about the art of turning life. Because it’s the life they built often not realized by those who enjoy it. But as soon as the givers they immediately go kahilangan heart-wrenching experience. Suddenly there are big empty space unoccupied. Suddenly there was no loss of life of residents. Suddenly there was a life lost. Perhaps one day you are tempted to test yourself. Whether you’re a lover of true or false lover. The trick is simple. Consider first the message was Umar bin Khattab: there is only one of two feelings that may be felt by everyone at the time of her life partner died: feel free from the burden of losing a place to live or feel dependent. Now ask your partner without her know: if I die now, if you will feel free from a burden or will feel the loss of a place depend? If he felt lost, then the sky will be cloudy dark heart that may rain down a torrential tears. if not, probably broke a smile, hoping that your leaving will give new opportunities to build a better life.

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