20 May 2012

ac1f9b1cd3f75ab91ff3e18d721bc09a_jujurDIALOGUE BETWEEN THE TRUE GURU vs lust

A: Master?
B: Lust

A: You know what the character of occupiers and the character of political party?

B: ya know …? Invaders like the Dutch, always working to expand the territory and increase their support. The goal for the economic exploitation of the colonies at once seized, to be a place to live and unilaterally claimed as the “right” his (the invasion). While the political parties to gain power.

A: not to touch the essence. Colonial identities are always plugging himself, for example the Dutch identity plug kebelandaannya archipelago on earth. Colonial economy, like America, Europe, eastern Asia just as well, will foment economic identity in the Earth colony. Meanwhile, political parties are always looking for supporters / followers as much as possible. If chanted goodness was only intended to broaden support, not to live the good of itself.

B: outlines so the identity coercion and seek followers as much?

A: true!

B: not always bad right?

A: …. “only” accusatory nature, against nature, God formulas.

B: if you use the excuse to goodness and truth?

A: mean how?

B: eg religion that claims to be the messengers of truth, then plug in all the religious identity of its spread in the region. From the dress code, language, thought patterns, his movements, the principle of his life, and so adapted to the religious truth. Is it not blessed by God?!!

A: blessed?

B: the word of god!

A: did you ever hear the direct sound god ..?

B: tables of God’s word in scripture, you still do not know if the word of god is a god sentence was pronounced in ancient times, then written by a man who was then heard the phrase god!

A: if it’s god of yore never talked deliver “trustworthy”, why do only in ancient times and only to one person and then stop? Is not God as the savior of mankind interpreter! Why not really played into the ears of all mankind on this earth! And why should until now god never again issued a statement to dispute the human race who come from religious differences to an end?

B: because each could be different people will interpret the phrase god! and trust God so commands interpreted and understood differently according to differences in the ability of every human thought. If only delivered to one person, it can be compact and no distortion of understanding.

A: instead of backwards??!! if delivered to one person, might be manipulated without some control. In the event of a distortion in one person, then all mankind will be distorted. Fatal right. Conversely, when a lot of people who listen to the words God directly, would be more thorough and accurate and powerful in giving testimony, compared to just one person who testified. Lha wong pak police, prosecutors pak, pak judge only if the witness would kagak only one or one-sided only. It’s a legally weak testimony.

B: Do not mess with the rule of god!

A: do not mess also establish confidence for yourself. Belief (religion) without the intellect and extensive knowledge will eliminate wise and prudent attitude. People who have lost a wise and prudent attitude, awareness will actually went bankrupt! His confidence will be a boomerang, can transform himself into a black private eye.

B: but … we still have to trust God despite mandates to one person, must be credible because the person selected must have God directly.

A: you are courageous with great certainty that requires other people to follow your attitude, but can not prove for sure! Anything that can not be ascertained, is the uncertainty. This means that he is merely belief. Beliefs do not need proof, and not have to testify anyway. in other words, faith is like speculation.

B: what is the purpose of speculation here?

A: speculation occurred because people have never experienced themselves. Meanwhile, speculation is not a certainty. To bind any confidence, it only needs the lure of Paradise and the threat of hell. Therefore, the belief has NOT APPROPRIATE AS THE CONSCIOUSNESS (genuine spiritual). Alias ??”false consciousness”. I am not among those who really dare to speculate in this regard. Need proof of the three conditions that can be understood by logic, it can be proven scientifically, and is seen inwardly. Each person is free of establishment and freedom to determine his choice.

B: loh a lot of people already understand the argument and verse? is not that a true awareness of the certainty and at the same time?

A: not that familiar, but who is the “certainty” is certainly memorized sentence, paragraph, or at least know the number argument! translate it was not necessarily memorized, must open the open the first book. And that if not reluctantly. AWARE new consciousness reached the stage that he memorized. That’s it.

B: I mean, sure benernya!

A: once again … where the scientific evidence, logicnya, and the testimony of his inner experience? what ever people are willing, if the religious mythology scientifically proven through the study of archeology, anthropology and history experts ..? if religion dare HONEST, should want to play failplay, all sacred sites may be studied scientifically. As well as local knowledge, the findings of the temples and ancient fossils that can afford to really studied. If you need to do the research first man, who let out the first human in this world, what’s his name, what tribe, what kind. Lha wong religions claim to be THE TRUTH advocate, if there really creeps who was accidentally brought up the mythology. Early man homo wajakencis, Palaeo javanicus, Pithecanthropus erectus all lived as early as 2 million years to 800,000 years ago. Why be afraid? What’s behind that fear?

B: what’s wrong with the mission of religion today?

A: religion as forgotten its mission as giving examples of goodness and duty to give an example of honesty. Instead of religious jargon just struggling pedagogue shouted, as he drove his identity / flag in which religion is disseminated. Religion race to find followers to be the largest, not unlike the mission of political parties. If only a religion with a small number of people, fear the religion was suppressed greater. What is the difference of religion with political games and Dutch colonizers and their allies?

B: Why do you lack sympathy for the mission of the uniformity of identity?

A: humans are very closely connected with the universe. Which paved the traditions and cultural diversity as a result of human relationships (alit universe) with the natural environment (the universe ageng). Of course, the philosophy of life of each community are aligned with the natural environment where he lives. Then the values ??of harmony, harmony, the synergism between the microcosm with the macrocosm that we call the local knowledge (local wisdom). Local Wisdom can not be underestimated, because it is the result of the search process IDENTITY. More local wisdom to know what to do. If it says are the people who are subject to God and NATURE OF NATURAL LAW, then they’re the people. That is, if you use the concept of God’s greatness is truly vast limitless. “Being” God looked at all what he created. Not surprisingly, every person, every community and nation always has its own identity and the teachings of which varies according to each region. That’s the sign of the divine greatness. However, if the prevailing local wisdom imposed on other public interest, other nations, other areas could result in an imbalance and mismatch between the TEACHING VALUES OBJECTIVE REALITY. There was disharmony as happened in the archipelago of the earth today. Cosmological consciousness has replaced their dogmatic consciousness in the shadow of lymbic section (base animal instincts). Severe!

B: What are the implications if the diversity in indigenous identity and then homogenized by the force and power of religion under the pretext of upholding the truth? for example a person with a traditional Javanese and Sundanese, forcing the Dutch people who live in the four seasons to wear kebaya made from thin like a sieve flour ..?

A: could be extinct is because of all the Dutch people shivering.

B: The lifestyle stuck with arab hot-tempered, anti-tolerant and hard like a cultural desert. In Indonesia planted with palm trees and olives?

A: yes this nation to change the temperament, of the patient, the valley of manas, very tolerant, easy to be a nation of angry, irritable, fanantik, often tawur or war. And this nation will suffer from hunger because of the olive and palm trees can bear fruit in the archipelago kagak.

B: what are the consequences if her feathered tribes of the archipelago which requires heavy greasy misss .. for beards and sideburns.

A: As a result, hair grower oil sold it .. A razor blade while it is less in demand! essence of nature .. this archipelago can be severely damaged the natural environment and human values, because nature is always unnatural.

B: What do religious traditions and rituals with the destruction of nature and religion?

A: we live in a archipelago which completely green with vast forests, fertile humus which prospered in the land, maritime culture of the vast ocean, where can we overhauled the way of life all-out with the tradition of desert communities that do not know the culture and loved the woods oceans. In fact we have been indoctrinated in berpakaianpun if you want to go to heaven to meet heavenly angel should dress like the org culture pakistan, afghan, India and so on. Adl clothes just cultural, as well as wear and jarit blangkon no guarantee to go to heaven, because heaven which guarantees / glory is our own actions to all beings and the universe. These are not a true awareness of love!

B: What would happen if the culture of Europe and America cheese and meat are applied in this archipelago of the earth?

A: Many people are overweight, excess weight, mostly fat, cholesterol and so on. This country consists of only two seasons alone, relatively warm, there is no winter, and fertile soil make the people do not have to work hard worked hard to find food. So no need to burn excess fat / warm the body. As a result, accumulated fat and not burn properly in the body. So many people have excess cholesterol, excess triglycerides, because it’s a lot of variety of serious diseases such as diabetes, coronary heart disease, cancer, obesity and so on. That is a small effect because it does not recognize national identity and the identity of this man.

B: when will the awareness of our true and will soon rise?

A: if the people became increasingly become confused and ambiguous, on the one hand have to trust / faith in the occult who, on the other hand all the time which is prohibited in touch with the supernatural. For example we are required to believe the content in a “box” which is hermetically sealed, in the meantime we must not open let alone go inside the “box” to find out and prove it as it is spelled out what does not. If you can not go, what’s he want? Do not be surprised if now feel a lot org gestures SUSPICIOUS. There is what was behind the “box” that, ahh … maybe the only hide the dishonesty that “box” is still a sacred and can bring a source of income. Ahhhh … (while flirty) maybe if we open the contents of the “box” that, it would terbongkarlah big secret that the contents of the “box” was just a wreck that had already considered the bread kuwukan Worldwide as a tender and delicious.

B: then must be how my body mensikapi all the things that confuses me is the true friend of the teacher?

A: I really really respect the origin of any HONEST person, and have great respect for any religion in this world, the origin is also HONEST! In the meantime, I dare to judge, “Nothing in life is more precious than this, in addition HONESTY. As of this nature is always honest, never lie, never leaving the slightest injustice. The elders, ancestor, our ancestors in ancient times, would have experienced the same confusion. But they are more intelligent soul, so just believe in the laws of nature, because nature is able to provide an honest teaching, nature never lies. That is why, long ago, our forefathers recognized the “bible” original labeled Jendra well as a literary heritage values ??of local wisdom. Its mission is simple only for hamemayu hayuningrat. Ing NING RAT. Quiet, submissive to the law of RAT, “nature god” or law of the universe, everything in it. Flakes of “heirloom” is to be the remnants of local knowledge which is referred to as “heritage” Hasta Brata, that human behavior is always mulat jantraning behavior of the earth, menauladani the properties of the 8 elements of nature. Hasta Brata is one of the “fiber of life,” which was saved from demolition efforts. Because fiber is not tangible book safely tucked away in the closet international library, but the meeting is stored in every human heart. As the book sajroning chest.

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