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    DIALOGUE BETWEEN THE TRUE GURU vs lust A: Master? B: Lust A: You know what the character of occupiers and the character of political party? B: ya know …? Invaders like the Dutch, always working to expand the territory and increase their support. The goal for the economic exploitation of the colonies at once seized, to be a place to live and unilaterally claimed as the “right” his (the invasion). While the political parties to gain power. A: not to touch the essence. Colonial identities are always plugging himself, for example the Dutch identity plug kebelandaannya archipelago on earth. Colonial economy, like America, Europe, eastern Asia just as well, will foment economic identity in the Earth colony. Meanwhile, political parties are always looking for supporters /
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    Miracle of Giving

    every day we always accumulate wealth and money, and all that we have inadvertently poison our minds are always dependent on the wealth of the world and all its beauty. Every disease is the fact that we never gave nothing to the body is clean and also because of better, our hearts are not we always want to be good for us in the world to come, whether you are a religion and regards all of this article is a lie and also not have no meaning. Let us invent a challenge for anyone Saj who do good to people around once, and we recorded it, wait a month if we get a reply good or bad and I‘m sure we reap good results from everything that we are growing well too. Suppose say people lie about the beauty and magic of giving, then I‘m sure within a month if you do not get something that re
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    Reincarnation, Do It Right There

    Reincarnation is a word we often hear a variety of human beliefs and desires to have a second chance, and all that nonsense could be like when we’ll never know why. Human being experiences the world in a variety of long journey, starting from where we wait for nature bubbled to the fetus of a mother, we know that natural senagai where our souls have been created first and then towards nature in the womb of a mother’s womb. Is up to here? we just will not know the real world when the mother’s womb is completely open and we passed a hard-earned and we are born. After all that we do dialam we came towards the natural world barzah or natural death and all the charity and decided we worship except three cases, shodaqoh charity, useful knowledge, a pious child who will pray f
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    The Meaning of Life As We're In view of the Human

    Life is when we begin to breathe and when we know the world with all its beauty and also breath, in which our lives are always betrayed by the broken hearts with the desire and actions that are sometimes so we do not want. 3 the unity of man as singular and plural, body and soul and spirit are very different desires and we really want to defend by all means, let’s say we want selslu soul is within us and also fought hard tenga, never knew anyone who wanted to fight he was willing to mortgage his soul to survive the entire property? all that is possible, but many people wasted their lives to expel the soul from the body and then die without any means. Is love worth in exchange for our souls that will never come back? not for me, love can come and go NAC alone but if the soul had gone


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